Amazing scenery and successful Coyote Hunting Pictures using Cur dogs as a decoy. 

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Doggin' with Levi is an action packed online Predator Hunting show that teaches “How to Coyote Hunt” using decoy dogs. Levi Johnson and his cur dogs work hard to keep this predator in check while helping the ranchers, farmers, and sportsman that are directly affected by one of the smartest animals on the planet. This is Coyote Hunting at its finest!!!

Coyote Hunting with Dogs


Coyote Hunting With Dogs
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Coyote Hunting With Dogs

Contact Us for tips, training and possible Coyote Hunting Trips. Learn how to train you dogs to be a big part of your Coyote Hunting Adventures.

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Coyote Hunting with Dogs is LIGHTS OUT!


The author travels with his AR to Montana to Decoy Coyotes with Hounds. Get ready for Howling good time! Read the full article  as published in AR Guns & Hunting.

DOGGIN' With Levi

By Tom Austin

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Doggin with Levi
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Action packed Coyote Hunting Videos. Using Cur dogs, one of the toughest hunting dog breeds, as a decoy to get the coyotes into range again and again.