Coyote Hunting with FOXPRO

FOXPRO Electronic Caller

As a professional Coyote Hunter I am able to hunt coyotes year round and get to meet a ton of really nice people. When people see the gear I use and rely on I get asked a lot, “Levi, why do you use FOXPRO?” My answer every time is “Why would you use anything else!” FOXPRO has been with me from the start of my predator hunting career. My first FOXPRO was a Model 416, it had 12 sounds on it, with a wireless remote. Finally, an electronic caller (ecaller) with a wireless remote and no wires attached. Being able to set up with your ecaller away from you was the best thing since slice bread!

John Dillion had a vision that would revolutionize the way people hunt coyotes and other predators using ecallers. John’s passion to engineer predator calls has change the way people hunt predators today. FOXPRO started in John’s garage, where he eventually moved into his basement until the demand for his calls had John move his business into a 4500 square foot facility. John worked hard and continuing wanting to improve his calls, the FX3 was introduced and the rest is history. FOXPRO Inc. know has over 80 employees in there 45,000 square foot facility with John’s boys Mike and Steve running the company with all the hard working employees. FOXPRO Inc. proudly makes their products in the USA with best customer service on the planet!

The reason I use FOXPRO when I coyote hunt is the toughness and durability of the these ecallers. Hunting year round, between the weather and abuse these callers can take is second to none. These calls have been made to handle anything and everything. It is peace of mind knowing when you sit down to call a stand, that your FOXPRO call won't let you down. The TX-1000 remotes are the best in the business, with range out to 75 yards! The remotes have every bell and whistle on including full color graphic LCD screen, sound list or sound categories, barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature, battery level, timer and much, much more, and ecallers to fit anyone’s budget. You can check out all of FoxPro products at

The FOXPRO ecaller I use the most for spring and summer coyote hunting is the Krakatoa 2. The Krakatoa 2 powerful speaker spreads sound I need in the vast prairie of Montana. Between the wind and large landscapes, I need a ecaller that can reach out and that’s why Krakatoa 2 from FOXPRO is my number one ecaller for warm weather coyote calling. The Krakatoa 2 is bigger than most of FOXPRO’s ecallers but that is the tradeoff of wanting louder sounds with having a bigger speaker. It has a carrying handle on the back of it, so packing it in and out of stands makes it easier for transporting in the field. It comes with two LI-ION rechargeable batteries that seem to last forever. In the spring and summer months of calling when the weather is warmer, these batteries last a longtime before needing a recharge.

The main ingredient to hunting coyotes is knowing where coyotes live. I scout more than I hunt, finding where coyotes call home. One of the sounds from FOXPRO is the coyote locator or the siren. I like to use the coyote locator couple hours before sunrise to locate coyotes or family groups, once you locate where they are living it makes it that much easier to hunt them. Once you have located coyotes before sunrise, go back in the area during daylight hours with the wind in your face and if you can have the sun at your back setting up, your chances of harvesting coyotes will be in your favor. All of FOXPRO ecallers come with a coyote locator or siren sounds pre-programmed from the factory.

After I have located coyotes in an area I will be hunting, I sneak back at daylight and get setup with my FOXPRO ecaller. I generally start out using a howl sequence with FOXPRO’s MR. MOUTHY hand call. FOXPRO has a great line of hand calls that I use in conjunction with their ecallers. Once I have gone thru my series of howls off the MR. MOUTHY, I wait for 4-5 minutes listening and glassing with my binoculars trying to see where the coyotes I heard earlier are at. Being from Montana, I hunt mostly big sagebrush country, so when setting up on a stand to call coyotes, I always try to sit against a sagebrush to break up my outline. Most of the time after my howl sequence, the coyotes in the area will howl back or stand up to try to see who's in their home area. Hunting with decoy dogs this time of year, the coyotes will see the dogs in their area and usually will come to investigate. If I haven't seen or heard any coyotes after my howls off of the MR. MOUTHY howler in 4-5 minutes I will go to FOXPRO’s Krakatoa 2 ecaller and usually play one of the rabbit distress sounds. I play this for 4-5 minutes, then shut it off and scan the sagebrush landscape catching any movement from any approaching coyotes. If no coyotes have come in or are hanging out of range, after waiting 4-5 minutes I will play coyote distress sound from my FOXPRO Krakatoa 2 sound library. FOXPRO has the most realistic coyote sounds I have ever heard from an ecaller. Most of the time coyote distress sounds at the end of your calling sequence will bring coyotes hanging up into shooting range. FOXPRO’s remotes have a timer on the LCD screen to help you to know exactly how long you been on your stand or in between call sequences.

 For winter time coyote calling, I don’t use my dogs at all. Coyotes are in survival mode and decoying isn't the best option. My decoy I use know is mounted right on the side of my FOXPRO called FOXJACK. FOXJACK simply replaces your existing battery door cover. FOXJACK is whisper quiet, has a LED for night time use and can be controlled by your FOXPRO caller remote. I never use to call coyotes with a decoy in the winter time until FOXPRO came out with FOXJACK, know I don't call without it. Using FOXJACK on my FOXPRO takes the attention from me and makes coyotes focus on the motion coming from the call. Coyotes are so focused on the movement of the FOXJACK that it makes getting into position to shoot much easier and the percentage of harvesting coyotes goes up dramatically. FOXJACK is a game changer in predator hunting. In my opinion the FOXJACK from FOXPRO is the best tool you can use while hunting coyotes.

FOXPRO has an entire lineup of ecallers to fit any hunters budget, and they also have a great assortment of hand held calls to add to your arsenal. FOXPRO Inc. has set the standard in how people hunt coyotes and has improved my success dramatically. The company is always looking to improve their calls for predator hunters and provides the best customer service on the planet. You can look at the complete line of coyote and predator hunting products for FOXPRO Inc. at​